Thursday, November 9, 2017

Floral and teacups fabric = no more :D

I've used up the last of the pretty floral and teacups fabrics that my friends Mickie and Carol gifted to me when I visited them in August :)  These 3 bags qualify for Bag It 2017 - hi Patty! :)

I ended up making 10 bags with this collection of prints, and all of them are going to the counselling center.  Mickie, Carol - thank you, and I hope you like how your gift ended up :D 

More stash sewing - I used up these 2m cuts of fabric for a set of pillowcases for the counselling center :)  I have more fabric picked out for stash busting pillowcase creating purposes ... as well, and also along the lines of stash sewing, I'm working on a Christmas gift project that should use up a few meters of stash.   It involves zippers.  SURPRISE!  :D  Details to follow at a time and place TBD ;)  So far, flamingos and dinosaurs and doggos* and sharks are involved ... and I think some mice will be joining in for fun :D

*BTW - speaking of doggos, have you seen the We Rate Dogs site on Twitter?  I don't Twitter but I get occasional updates about funny posts, so I hop over to check things out.  This compilation arrived this morning and made me laugh ... the Iraqi Speed Kangaroo is particularly funny :D  If you have a few spare minutes and could use a laugh, check it out (NAYY) :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

7 of 20 denims - I had some fun :D

Another pair of kids jeans has now been turned into zipper bags ... all of these will be going to Blue Hills :)  They also count as a 6 pack for Patty's Bag It 2017 :)  I used labels, tags, waistband elastic and pockets from this pair, along with bits and pieces that didn't get used up with previous pairs - I keep everything in a shoe box so I don't misplace or mix anything up :D

Zippy embellished with ribbon, a 3D button, a crab charm (LOL) and several jeans tags :D 

 I embellished this one with blue ribbon, a pocket (you can see on the front and back where the pocket had been paintstakingly removed for reuse :D), a mermaid charm and a size tag.  This zipper pouch is a size 14 - HA!

I've been working with fabrics that had been gifted to me by my friends Mickie and Carol during a visit to Pennsylvania this summer.  The teacup applique was a scrap in a collection of floral/teacup prints.  I embellished it with an Old Navy jeans tag, a pocket, and a bird zipper pull :D

More fabric from Mickie & Carol!  I embellished this pouch with a sweet purple floral strip, some buttons, an acrylic bead zipper pull and a little cotton tag :)

The roses and teacup charm appliqued on this pouch was from Mickie and Carol :)  I also added a mouse zipper pull and several tags - the Smile one is a direct order for the recipient to smile about the tag above it :D

Bicycle pouch!  I quilted this one with variegated fabric, added a Smile tag and a bicycle zipper pull :)
I still have 13 pairs of jeans to work through - they're currently stuffed in a plastic shopping bin that's under the table I'm typing at - I'm kicking it with my slippered foot right now because it's in my way :D 

Current count of completions from the jeans:  8 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 6 = 45 :)
Updated Bag It 2017 count = 33! 

Bags, but not Bag It bags. Oh - and other things :)

Lost in the depths of the interwebs - these are finishes from the summer - August and September.  Some of them may have been finished within the Bag It 2017 timeframe, but I didn't keep track of the dates so I'm not going to enter any of them.  Better safe (and following rules) than sorry (and cheating!) :)  The bags did have happy endings though - most were donated, and the ones that weren't donated, were gifted :)

Some more of my Magic Pouches - the skeletons, flamingoes and one of the race car bags are being donated to Blue Hills ... the bird bag and one of the car bags are gifts :)

Pirate pillowcases (were donated)

Pirate zipper pouches (were donated)
Hehehe a close-up of the skull zipper charm I used for these pirate pouches :D

Two Magic Pouches - frogs (the fabric is quite stunning in person - really rich looking) and the last racecars pouch I finished from the fat quarters from Sew Sisters.  These were all donated :)

Boxy bag and Art Case (donated)
The art case was inspired by one I saw online (I don't even remember where) - I modified it to work with school suplies (pencil crayons etc.).   It has 4 pockets (3 regular, and one zippered) and was shipped off to Blue Hills where I hope it was gifted after someone tucks some art supplies inside :)  I bought some during the back to school sales but I ended up giving them to some sweetie neighbour kiddos and all I have left is crayons, lol.

A bloggy buddy gave me a bag of scraps - I'm embarrassed to say that it had to have been several years ago - maybe 3 or 4?  I finally dug the bag out and used everything up (except for a few tiny pieces, which then went into my scrap bins).  Here we have a regular zippy bag, a Bella clutch (top right - my first one!), and a humbug/triangle type bag (front).  
More scrappy bags - a regular zippy and a flex frame bag :)  It really shouldn't take years to finish up fabric that was gifted - I did have good intentions, but my execution was pretty slow!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Denim finishes from the summer (#'s 5 and 6 of 20)

Oh my - it seems like so long ago that I was taking pictures outside on the clothesline in the summer - I can't believe it's November already!  At least we haven't had snow yet :D  These groupings are from pairs 5 and 6 of the 20 pairs of jeans I'm upcycling :D  (None of them  count for Bag It as they were completed prior to the event starting)

Pair #5 of 20 - 5 bags and 2 wallets = 7 items completed of the 5th pair of jeans -  they've already been sent to the counselling center (except the boxy bag, which wasn't up to snuff imho :D).

Regular zippies

More regular zippies - in the one on the right you can see where the original jeans pocket was removed so I could reuse it, lol.  The back has the same dark pocket shaped spot :D

Superhero (lining fabric) wallets from this tutorial :) 

Denim boxy bag - I used the technique here to create a boxy bag with no raw edges inside.  It did NOT go well.  It worked, but was really fiddly (frustrating!), and the lining is all lumpy and bumpy and doesn't seat well.  It doesn't look horrible - it just doesn't look as nice as I want my bags to look.  This one isn't even going to get donated to Blue Hills - it's headed to the thrift store - hopefully a non-sewer won't mind the kerfluffley lining :D

Next up - 6 of 20 - 6 completions - 5 bags and one apron :D

3 earbud pouches and 2 zippies :D

Close-up of the cute zipper pull on one of the bags - it's probably a character from Disney or ?? but I'm not familiar with all the new shows so I don't know what his or her name is :D  Note the size tag beside it, salvaged from the jeans, lol.
The last item finished from the 6th pair of jeans is the apron second last from the right - the one with the blue/yellow/black Batman pocket :)   This picture may already have been posted in the summer so sorry if it's a repeat - I guess I didn't get a solo picture of the apron for the denim project - mea culpa :D
Current count for denim completions:  8 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 39 finishes from 6 pairs of jeans :D

Saturday, November 4, 2017

4 of 20 - more denim completions :D

These bags were completed in July so they don't count for Bag It - I took the pictures a while ago, but wasn't organized enough to get them posted.  These were simple and quick finishes, and have already been shipped to the counselling center.  See the clips in the photos?  Those are jumbo clips (a no name version of the Wonder Clips) that I got from Amazon a while ago - they're longer than the Wonder Clips, which is making them very useful for assorted and sundry tasks in the sewing room :)  They even have a tiny hole in the back at the top, which means I can hang them from a pin on my design wall, and use them as a clip!  (Thanks to my friend Nancy for pointing that out - I hadn't realized until she told me :D)

(A running total of the jeans upcycle finishes = 8 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 26 finishes from 4 pairs :D)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I'm pleased with this one as well :D

(hehe topic is a reference to this post :D)

Today I used some more teacup fabric from Mickie and Carol, and made this simple pencil case :)

Teacup pencil case, measures 11" wide X 5" tall.  The back is 2 more framed teacups (but with different frame colours).

What's a good side to go with a cup of tea?  A slice of cake, of course!

I used a long zipper for the bag, so some of the extras became the grab tab :)

I do love sewing ... and now whomever is gifted the bag (it's going to the counselling center), will KNOW that I Love Sewing :)

Pretty polka dot lining - this isn't the same polka dot print from this bag - this one is a bit more turquoisey - it still works nicely :)
This pretty finish will be going to the counselling center when I get a few more items made - and ... it's being posted to Bag It 2017 (hi Patty!) as my entry #23 :)  Oh - if you want some awesome inspiration - check out the linky party for the challenge - I've already found several new blogs to follow, and some patterns to check out :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm very pleased with this finish :)

It's just a simple bag, but the fabrics are sweet and pretty, and they were gifted to me by a long-time friend (hi Mickie!) and a new friend (hi Carol!) when hubby and I visited Mickie and her husband Brad in Pennsylvania this summer :)  Mickie and Carol gave me a huge amount of fabric and scraps (oh my, the fun of going through boxes of fabrics!) for my donation sewing, and bit by bit, I'm starting to use up the goodies :)  There are more bits of the teacup/floral print I used for this bag, but this is my first finish from that line :)  Mickie, Carol - I hope you like what I've made - it'll be going to the counselling center soon :)

Finished bag measures 6"tall x 8.5" wide (bottom) X 12.5" wide (top) X 3.5" deep :)

The "handmade" ribbon stitched onto the front :)

Acrylic teardrop zipper pull :)
Bag bottom - blue polka dot fabric (from Walmart in the States - I need more of this because it's a beautiful shade of blue) :)  You can't tell in the photo, but I managed to stick my pressing tool (aka a broken handle-less wood rolling pin, LOL) into the bottom of the bag as I was working, so I could press it and get a nice crisp seam :)

This blue polka dot lining works beautifully :)

This bag is going to be posted to Bag It for 2017 ... my 22nd entry - I'm on a roll!  :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Tugger 10 :D

I've been busily working on finishing up collections of scraps that I've collected over the years ... mostly left over from projects I made and donated.  Here's the latest collection to be completed, and since the bags were made within the appropriate timeframe, they all qualify as entries for Patty's Bag It for 2017 :)

Presenting ... the Tugger (that's the name of the line of fabrics) Ten :D

Tugger Blue - 2 boxy bags and an earbud pouch :D

Tugger Red, with one boxy, 3 flex frame bags and one earbud pouch :)

Last, but not least, Tugger Yellow, with a regular zippy and a boxy bag :)
This set of bags is headed straight to Blue Hills - the fabric features jeep looking vehicles (I have no idea what movie they might be from) which I think will suit some young lads or lasses nicely :)   This set used up a nice amount of stash fabric and 7 stash zippers - not bad!  :)  My bag count for Bag It 2017 has now increased to 21 - also not bad!  ;)

... photo collage for linky thumbnail :D


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